Most of our owners didn't have previous industry experience, and many have not owned a business before. We've developed a detailed two week training program staffed by our professional training staff, many of whom were with Minuteman Press since its beginning. In training we assume two items, you don't have any previous background in printing and you've never run your own business before.
We are going to cover all facets of our business model from marketing, to pricing and management. We also have developed proprietary business pricing and management software that's thought of as the very best in the business. It makes operating a Minuteman Press centre simpler and much more efficient. This software, called FLEX, lets you monitor all your marketing campaigns, customer spending habits, workflow and pricing.

Initial Setup

Once you have completed our training program and the renovations to your centre are complete, your local support team will work with you and continue your training on site. This will help reinforce and implement what you've learned and help get your business up and running.

  • Once renovations are completed, we will assist in the set-up of your location.
  • We will help install and implement the work flow systems.
  • We will assist you in finding both of your staff members.
  • Both national and local vendors will be set up for purchasing products and supplies.
  • We will start your marketing programs with you and show you how they work.
Your local support team will continue to work with you to help get you comfortable with the day to day functioning of your new business. We have vested interest in your success.
Originally when I started with the business it was a lot of offset printing... printing letterhead, envelopes, business forms. We still sell a lot of that, but the market's changing where as we've added so many products such as promotional products, the marketing side is really big.
Doug Frederickson
Surrey, British Columbia - Owner Since 1994 - Retail Manager
At Minuteman Press, we offer ongoing local support in your location
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Learn About Our Initial Training & Support
Learn About Our Initial Training & Support