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Why research a business service franchise with Minuteman Press?

  • B2B services are a necessity. Not a luxury or impulse item – Every business needs marketing and advertising items to operate and promote on daily basis. Our target market is businesses and organizations in and around your community, making every business a potential customer.
  • Low Inventory – We manufacture our own products. The goods are purchased when the customer places the order. Unlike many businesses money is not tied up in large amounts of inventory.
  • A Repeat client base – Print has a short conversion cycle. Everything that we produce for our clients either is used in the operations of their business (forms, envelopes, company apparel, etc.) or ends up being given out to the customers or potential customers (marketing pieces, promotional items, advertisements, etc.). Once it is handed out customers need to come back and order more.
  • Businesses are your customers. Not the general public – An attractive element of B2B is that your customers are other business, not the general public. You’ll be working with other likeminded business owners and helping them achieve their goals. Their concern typically is “how can you help my business grow” not “how much money can you save me.”
  • Normal Monday thru Friday hours of operation – As a business to business printing and marketing services provider, Minuteman Press franchise owners have the opportunity to grow their business while working a regular Monday through Friday business hours schedule.

If you are looking to pursue this exciting business service franchise opportunity with the top rated B2B printing franchise, fill out the contact form on this page or call us at 1-800-645-3006 so we can help you get started with Minuteman Press!


What are the advantages of a B2B Business?

Advice, Tips and 3 Advantages of Business to Business Ownership

Business to business professionals will be the first to tell you that while finicky “business to customer” clients spend a lot of time “window shopping” without buying, there are a great many B2B clients who are sophisticated, professionally trained buyers and they have money to spend on exactly what they want. If you have what a business to business client wants and can bring them a solid return on their investment, you’ve got them – and if you satisfy them you could have them for a very long time.

The Human Element of B2B

Stephan Parmett, Minuteman Press of Williston Park, NY, reinforces the notion that the human element still plays a major role in securing sales and having freedom to choose with whom you do business is another neat perk of business to business ownership. He explains, “Even though this is a B2B, we also do business with individuals, such as invitations and corporate items. I just did a job of 50,000 envelopes. My feeling on business to business services is that I don’t do business with anyone that I can’t speak freely to. I like to be able to pick the businesses I want to deal with. This is a very important thing, this choice. Truth is, the nice thing about b2b is that once you satisfy them, they will keep ordering. And the beauty of printing is there is so much re-ordering. Once you get them on board, it’s a constant return business situation. It is also a relief as it is not ‘recreating the wheel every time’. It’s easier. The volume is there and there are a tremendous amount of reorders.”
ROI is Key

Business owners will need good, practical reasons for every purchase they make and the more expensive the purchase, the more practical they become. Therefore, the return on investment (ROI) needs to be worth the money they are spending, especially on new purchases. If you are in the position the help prove that the services and products you offer to them will indeed deliver a sound payoff, they will go with you and also look to you for advice. As a result, the advantages to B2B ownership can prove to run deeper than B2C by virtue of repeat business.
3 Advantages of B2B Business Ownership

Mike Arndt, along with his wife and co-owner, Julie, took advantage of the chance to own and operate a thriving digital print, design and marketing franchise. They own two Minuteman Press locations now in Brandon and Plant City, FL, and point not only to B2B advantages that positively affect their wallets, but also allow for a lifestyle more favorable than other entrepreneurial options. Mike explains, “B2Bs have, obviously, more professional clientele and are therefore more likely to honor payment terms. They also order more products and when their businesses are successful, WE are successful! Business hours of operation are favorable too, operating 8:30am-5:00pm hours or “business hours” is a perk. Also, B2B clients usually know what they are doing and what they want.”

Minuteman Press franchise owner Julie Arndt offers these 3 advantages of B2B business ownership:

1. Provide Help to Spur Growth: In our industry, print and marketing purchases for business purposes are about growth and have an impact on bringing in new business. When you can help another business grow, you, in turn, will reap the benefits.

2. B2B Clients Plan to Spend on a Recurring Basis: Business to business clients plan to spend and there is a recurring need that provides ample opportunity for repeat business. Personal purchases from individual customers are usually more budget dependent and may occur on a more random basis.

3. Loyalty! There is simply more loyalty with B2B clients and less turnover in customers.
There is Plenty of Opportunity in Owning a B2B Business

Some say business to business operation isn’t as flashy as business to customer options, but greater potential for cash is all the flash you need if you are a serious entrepreneur, as well as the chance to have a lifestyle that doesn’t force you to work around the clock.

The fact is that B2B customers are professional buyers who know what they want and they have the money to buy it. If you secure customers as a business to business services professional, you will find that they tend to be more loyal than business to customer clients, so there is that chance at greater stability if you tend to your existing customer base as it grows.

To top it off, if you look at all of your options, you will quickly learn that it is not necessary to strike out into the business services industry on your own. So, explore all of your options including potential franchising opportunities and you might find that the right one will fortify your investment with a solid brand identity, support and systems of marketing and business management that will allow you the chance to become profitable with greater peace of mind.

And, in any business, there are no greater advantages than those.
We offer so many services other than just straight print that we’ve become an important part of a customer’s business plan, that they need us and I don’t see that changing.
Ruth Anne & Kevin DiLauri

Orlando, FL - Owners Since 2000

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Why We Chose Minuteman Press