We Are The Modern Printing Industry
Consider the Modern Printing industry as a huge toolbox filled with a wide array of tools that serve their specific functions and help get different jobs done. Printing (both offset and digital), promotional products, direct mail, custom branded apparel and wide format printing are the main sectors of what we consider to be todays printing industry and the tools of this trade can be tremendously effective in helping clients build their businesses. As a Minutemen Press franchise owner, you will have the ability to use these tools in order to meet the needs of almost any business in any industry. At Minuteman Press, We Are The Modern Printing Industry TM and we can produce virtually anything you can put a name, image or logo on! You will be offering consumable products and services that are in high demand and are typically reordered on a regular basis. This is just part of the reason that our industry and our business is in such a good position.

Digital Printing
  • Digital Print: Over the past 40 years the Printing Industry has evolved tremendously. Because of the advancements in technology we are  able to produce high quality work more efficiently and at lower costs than ever before. All businesses regardless of size or industry need and use printed media on a daily basis for their operations as well as  their advertising and marketing efforts.
  • A $34.7 billion industry: In North America digital printing was a $34.7 billion industry in 2016, up 3% from the prior year. Total color page  volumes increased 15%. (source: Caslon Report 2017
  • Print is consumable: There is a high repeat business factor in our industry. Combined with a typically short reorder cycle which makes print a very attractive offering.
  • Print doesn’t require a large inventory: Materials to produce jobs for clients are usually not purchased until the customer places and order and puts down a deposit.
  • We produce most print jobs in-house: This gives us greater control over our cost of goods, quality and delivery  time. This helps ensure happy customers.

Promotional Products
  • Promotional Products in Canada are a $1.8 billion dollar a year industry (PPAI 2017 Consumer Survey)
  • A growing industry: There has been tremendous growth in the promotional products industry. Promotional products are not seen as advertising in the eyes of consumers, and that is why they are so effective in connecting brands with current and existing customers. Promotional items also resonate in people’s homes and are kept for longer periods of time than any other forms of advertising which helps raise brand awareness. They’re fun, functional and popular.
  • The #1 most effective form of advertising across all generations from millennials to baby boomers (PPAI 2017 Consumer Survey)
  • They help create brand awareness help create brand awareness, helping to convey a company’s messaging with a strong call to action.
  • Of consumers who received a promotional item:
    • 9 in 10 recall the branding
    • 8 in 10 recall the messaging
    • 7 in 10 recall the call to action
      (PPAI 2017 Consumer Survey)

Direct Mail
  • Direct Mail is a $389 Million dollar a year industry in Canada and has seen 2.2% annual growth from 2012 to 2017. (IBISWorld)
  • Direct Mail encompasses a wide variety of products and is one of the most cost effective ways to gain new clients and increase business with existing customers.
  • Direct Mail Drives Traffic:
    • 64% visited a website in reaction to direct mail
    • 47% visited a store in reaction to direct mail
    • 54% have engaged in social media as a result of receiving mail50
    • 33% of all print catalogues received in the past six months triggered a visit to a retail store (Canada Post Breaking Through the Noise)

Wide Format & Inkjet Printing

Wide format & Inkjet printing is one of the newest fastest growing segments on the modern printing industry. Advancements in technology  allow us to produce products such as signs, banners, wall graphics, car and truck wraps as well as size photos, artwork and blueprints.

Branded Apparel
  • Promotional apparel sales in Canada added up to over $700 million in 2017 and are expected to grow year over year.  (IBISWorld)
  • Raises Brand Awareness: Promotional apparel goes a very long way in raising brand awareness and reinforcing brand identity to your clientele. Franchisees provide businesses with branded apprael from uniforms and hats to custom shirts with their name, picture, or logo. Minuteman Press owners have been very successful in capitalizing on the continued growth of the promotional apparel industry.
  • Promotional apparel includes a huge array of wearable items such as T-shirts, golf shirts, polo shirts, coats, caps, headbands, neckwear, sunglasses, accessories and more.

The Modern Printing Industry – Other Revenue Streams
  • Brand Identity: We have the expertise to help a business establish and strengthen their brand identity.
  • Creative Design:  Brand name recognition is more important than ever before, and it all starts with creative design. We can help develop a client's image and messaging and communicate it to their target audience.
  • Marketing Consulting: Helping businesses develop a completely integrated marketing strategy.
  • Shipping Services: Some of our franchise locations do offer shipping services for businesses. Because profit margins are much lower for shipping than our other products and services, owner participation is optional and tends to be low.
  • Trade Show Supplies: From business cards and catalogs to booth displays and banners, businesses count on us to provide them with all of the printed marketing materials they need to run a successful trade show.
  • Website Design: In the modern world, every business requires a well-designed site to communicate with its customer base. A large majority of print advertising integrates cross media marketing which will drive traffic.
We get to work with a great number of different types of people and it is plain fun to accommodate personalities of all kinds and companies of all sizes. There have been advancements and changes within the printing industry that have given us new capabilities. We have new equipment, new products and new services way beyond what anyone has had before. This means that new challenges are something we are excited to receive from our clients because we are ready to produce for them on levels they may not even realize until we present them with the final product.
Steve Wilms
Coquitlam & New Westminster, British Columbia - Owner Since 2014
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What Our Owners Say About The Modern Printing Industry
What Our Owners Say About The Modern Printing Industry