Chantal Maheux-Webster and the award-winning team at Minuteman Press in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Minuteman Press Franchise in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia Promotes Mezza Lebanese Restaurant Group in Canada and Beyond

Two brothers lead their restaurant empire towards expansion with the expert assistance of the brother and sister franchise team at Minuteman Press in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada.

In 1998, Mike Maheux, Sr. retired from the Coast Guard, and bought an existing Minuteman Press in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.  His children, Mike, Jr. and Chantal, joined their father at the centre while they were in their early teens, working on the “back-end” of the business throughout university. After graduation, their roles expanded as they were eager to interact with the customers they had been satisfying on the production end since their youth.  Today, the successful family operation possesses just the right balance of determination, technical knowledge and marketing expertise needed to directly benefit their clients’ best interests, no matter what the challenge.

Mike, Sr. is a seasoned networking and marketing expert and he continues to be the heart of growth in that role, while Chantal’s husband Kris brought his hard work and business intelligence on board to successfully manage their second location.  The result is an ever-expanding demand for all they offer as complete marketing services providers.  “We went heavy into large format printing, signage and vehicle graphics to accommodate our clients.  My brother took over the signage and large format services and I took over the offset and digital printing, promotional products and embroidery angle of the business.”  Chantal and Mike have twenty-two employees and had the foresight to train all of them so they are able to operate both large format and digital printing equipment, creating a balance that allows both to run consistently and efficiently.

“We wouldn’t be in business if we didn’t have a special ability to work with our customers on a personal level.  This is what sets us apart from all the other impersonal companies, such as online printers.  We are invested in each and every one of them and we are part of their growth,” Chantal assures.  It is exactly that kind of unchallenged loyalty and the ability to back it up with meaningful results that makes the Maheux multi-unit design and print empire thrive within the contemporary printing and marketing industry.  It also became a tremendous benefit to a couple of friends Chantal and Mike have known since university, who like them, grew up working in their father’s business and were intent on taking their father’s hard work in the restaurant industry and serving up even more delicious success…

Mezza restaurants have been providing fast, healthy and affordable Lebanese cuisine for over 25 years while their friends at Minuteman Press remain strong allies as people hunger for more

Chantal Maheux-Webster has been good friends with the owner of what is now Mezza Lebanese Restaurant Group for many years and remained friends, bonded on a shared experience of growing up in and assuming leadership roles in their family businesses.  “We understand each other and appreciate the dedication and hard work involved in growing a business.  Like Mike and me, he and his brother grew up working in their Dad’s restaurant which went through an evolution that took it from a pizza with Lebanese flair experience through fine dining, food courts in the mall and downtown Halifax where they started the shift to focus purely on Lebanese cuisine.  They did so well, they began franchising.  Tony knew we owned Minuteman Press, so he called us and our partnership took off from there,” she explains.  They now have 8 locations between Canada and the Middle East and are winning awards within their industry.

Tony and Peter Nahas took the knowledge imparted from working with their father and tried different approaches.  The rebranding was entrusted to the Maheux family and their staff at Minuteman Press. “Then they turned around and opened yet another restaurant called Johnny K’s which serves a meat specialty from the Canadian east coast, donairs.  As we have done for many years with Mezza, we took their new brand, Johnny K’s, and produced all printing, including packaging and signage.”

Mezza and Johnny K’s restaurants are finely represented in all things print and marketing thanks to a long-time friendship between two sets of sibling entrepreneurs that yielded a trustworthy and productive partnership.

Here are some of the essential printing products and services Minuteman Press produces that help promote both restaurants and ensure those dining have a pleasant experience:

  • Menus
  • Stickers
  • Packaging labels
  • Wall displays
  • Posters
  • Plaque mounting (for the increasing number of awards they are winning)
  • Window graphics
  • Banner menu boards,
  • Coupons and gift certificates
  • Branded Promotional Products

“We have been friends with Tony for a long time and are delighted to see how well he is doing and intend to help him continue to grow, now internationally.  Many of our business relationships are like that and I maintain them that way and encourage my staff to do the same.  I wish him all the best and as he keeps selling their restaurant franchises, we are on board to be his marketing services provider”, Chantal says with confidence.”

“At the heart of the Mezza Lebanese Restaurant Group is our love of food, our passion for family and our enjoyment of life. We believe a great meal should always be accompanied by friends, family and laughter.”

Tony Nahas, owner and operator of Mezza Restaurant Group is thankful he reached out to his old friends for marketing support because he had big plans for his business and needed things done in just the right way. He says, “Chantal and Mike at Minuteman Press outdo themselves every time we call them and we have been working with them for about a decade.  They and their father have a great team and it reminds me of my family business.  My brother and I work together and have this connection and it’s unique.  A family business is a force and it’s nice to see that they work together like we do.   We first started with them when they owned one location and they have grown to two, which is nice to see.  We are as excited for them as they are for us, no doubt.”

As far as the heights he hopes to attain in the future as an entrepreneur and which marketing services provider will be at his side, Tony has no hesitation, “There is no sense looking anywhere else beyond Minuteman Press.  Their quality is great and if there is ever an issue, they fix it immediately.  This is a long-term partnership, for sure.”

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