Zaibunnisa and Mohammed Ghazipura own the Minuteman Press design, marketing, and printing franchise located at 1015 Matheson Blvd. E., Unit 2; Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

Minuteman Press Franchise in Mississauga Prints for POLAR PAK

From what Mohammed Ghazipura describes as “humble beginnings” when he opened his Minuteman Press printing and marketing franchise with just one press and one cutter in 1985, to this day, where he boasts “a full range of equipment including a five-color press, finishing equipment and sign equipment”, he has been part of the evolution of the printing industry.  His growth can be measured in the numbers of loyal, long-term clients and their own steady success as a direct result of the potency of partnering with Minuteman Press, no matter which decade their ventures began.  As Mohammed says, “We have grown along with our clients, and with our employees, too.”

A gracious and intelligent leader, true to the culture of his franchisor, Minuteman Press International, Mohammed refers to his employees as more than staff members.  “Our employees are the cornerstone of our success and the family environment we maintain has led to an amazing retention rate, affording us the opportunity to provide truly great customer service.  Our senior pressman has been with the company since the beginning. That’s over 32 years ago!”  Clients of the Mississauga digital print, design and marketing center know they are understood and that their expectations are well-known, appreciated and will be met with what Mohammed describes to be “unparalleled customer service”.  That is how businesses of all sizes reach their greatest heights, after all.

From a practical standpoint, he has experienced the bottom-line benefit of his business philosophy, saying, “From a completely capitalistic point of view, the success and growth of our clients has a direct correlation to an increase in the number of orders we receive from them.”

“Your success is our success. This may just be a cliché but we truly believe that; and it is our firm belief in this that has led to our consistent growth over the years.”  – Mohammed Ghazipura, owner, Minuteman Press, 1015 Matheson Blvd. E., Unit 2, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

With over 100 years of combined experience in all aspects of the printing industry, plus the support of the number-one rated digital print and marketing franchisor, his Minuteman Press center in Mississauga is pretty much unstoppable when it comes to creative or production challenges.  He adds, “Our experience, along with the encouragement to grow as a company and to grow as individuals from our franchisor has allowed us to tackle the most complicated orders without a hitch.  Also, being in the industry for so many years, Minuteman Press, Matheson Blvd., Mississauga, has built great friendships and partnerships with other individuals in the trade, further extending the knowledge base readily available to us.”

Enduring business relationships so successful that they lend themselves to friendships, new opportunities can present themselves.  For POLAR PAK and their marketing services provider, Minuteman Press of Matheson Blvd. in Mississauga, such was exactly the case. The veteran franchise owner reflects on the value of referrals, saying, “Complex and time-sensitive orders usually lead to a lot of 1-on-1 communication between us and our clients.  We cherish this 1-on-1 relationship with individuals because it is the individuals who are the faces of their companies; it is the individuals who are requesters of orders; it is the individuals with whom we establish the expectations and deliverables; and it is the individuals who will provide the referrals to others within their organization and referrals to their industry partners.  And these referrals are the best marketing strategy anyone could ever hope to employ.”

“Robin Osbourne, currently marketing manager for our client, POLAR PAK, is an amazing person and a highly experienced marketing manager who I first met when she was working for another company, 15 years ago.  She directed POLAR PAK to us when she began work for them,” explains Mohammed.

POLAR PAK® is a leader in the manufacturing of plastic containers, servingware, tableware, drinkware and cutlery for the foodservice, food processor, bakery, grocery, catering, take-out, retail, and hospitality markets.  They also manufacture custom products and provide custom printing.

In addition to products manufactured in Canada, POLAR PAK markets products produced by other TWG (The Waddington Group) companies, owned by Newell Brands, thereby providing unparalleled one-stop shopping convenience for single-use foodservice products across Canada.

Mohammed is proud to provide his full range of services to such a large presence in the foodservice industry and he leads his team undauntedly as they meet tight deadlines and strict standards.  He remarks, “POLAR PAK is a big company with more than 1000 employees and almost every job we receive from them tends to come with a tight deadline; and they love the fact that we meet their deadlines without compromising quality or budget.  We have a reputation of meeting all deadlines and that is why people come to us.  We never delay jobs and when need be; we use preferred vendors as arranged by Minuteman Press International, so we always get the job done.”

Robin Osbourne has been in the field of marketing for over 20 years and is in essence an expert marketing manager and has been working with Mohammed for 15 years or more and even as her career took her to different companies, she took Minuteman Press with her.  She explains why, “I’ve been with four companies and I always end up steering them towards Minuteman Press in Mississauga and the reason is excellent service.  I’ve gained expertise in certain areas as a marketing manager and one of them is the use of printers.  It seems there is a typical lifecycle for an average printer.  They get the client, they bend over backwards to meet pricing and do a good job for a few months.  Then their quality and service starts to die off and their pricing starts to creep up.  Mohammed and his staff at Minuteman Press remain consistent for the long-term and they pay attention and care about details other printers simply do not.  If we send files, they don’t just print the files.  They open it and make sure everything makes sense and is aligned, and if they see an error, they alert us and fix it.”

Over the years, Robin has used Minuteman Press for direct mail campaigns and printing for trade shows and special events.  “He has printed a variety of tools including catalogs, bi-folds, trade show graphics, banners and signage”

Robin says, “POLAR PAK makes the plastic containers for your food which includes anything from our clients such as Dairy Queen’s sundae cups with their famous red spoon and Tim Hortons’ cold drink cups and lids.  We make those; and we also produce the containers that hold many of your produce, confectionary and bakery items, you would buy at your local grocery store. Our sister brand in the U.S. primarily produces a full range of disposable catering ware that is silver-and-china-like in appearance as well as a variety of casual serving-ware styles.”

Robin was having trouble dealing with a printer she was using and, as a result, she turned to Minuteman Press.

The printer Robin was dealing with was “just awful.”  “It took 40 emails to get printed labels from this printer and it was a large, significant printer.  It was unbearable.  This particular project was my responsibility. I had to have it printed and delivered on time within our budget.   I asked and got permission to use Minuteman Press.”

Minuteman Press takes fearless hold of critical challenges when other printers hesitate to take responsibility and get it done.

“The project involved a specific die-cut and trying to get it done perfectly was a complex process, but Mohammed made the process smooth for us and delivered on time, even though it was a tight deadline.”

Because Minuteman has continued to provide quality service and competitive pricing, Minuteman Press has established itself as part of a pool of vendors that POLAR PAK uses depending on the work required. “All companies need a reliable printer to address their specific printing needs. The reason companies change printers is because printers stop ‘servicing’ their customers,” Robin says.

Robin explains that a marketing department has responsibilities to both its ‘internal’ customers, company employees, as well as external customers. “Everyone outside the marketing department is considered our customer and is important so all products and services must be, as is said, ‘on point.’ In this case, with Mohammed, he was able to meet the needs of an internal and external customer.”

She concludes with the reality of typical print shops and even larger printing firms as compared to the modern printing industry that is Minuteman Press, “Printers, as with many service providers, will be attentive at the beginning, get comfortable, and then their service goes off the rails.  Mohammed and his team at Minuteman Press have remained attentive and their service, consistent.  Also, if I choose a paper stock that he knows from his expertise that perhaps I need a thicker option he will print a sample and call me.  I can depend on his customer service to consult on quality of print, paper, scoring, folding and more, always keeping in mind what is best for the particular job.  It is why I continue to give him the opportunity to quote on business no matter where I go. ”

Robin adds, “I can always count upon Minuteman Press in Mississauga.”

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